Adoption Counselling London –
help for all parties to adoption

Welcome to Adoption Counselling London. This is the place where you will find a friendly and supportive space to explore your adoption issues.

Adoption, and its impact, is lifelong and the need to come to talk to someone about that impact may occur at any time in your life: Adoption Counselling London can provide the counselling support you need whenever that need arises.

If, as an adopted adult you are feeling confused, frightened, struggling with identity, relationships, reunion and so on, I will work with you to help you explore the way in which adoption has affected you, your life, and your relationships and to solve your current problem.

If, as an adoptive parent you are concerned about your relationship with your adopted child or children there are many ways in which I can work with you as you explore these concerns: it may be through a weekly Theraplay and attachment based programme with you and your child; it may be working together with you and your adolescent adopted child or it may be by providing a space for you to come and talk through how you are being affected by the current status of your relationship with your adopted child. If you are a birth parent or relinquishing parent you will find a safe place at Adoption Counselling London to explore grief, loss, reunion, contact and other adoption issues.

I provide a very safe and creative space for prospective adopters to explore those issues that have led you to decide that adoption is the right route for you. I have particular expertise in working with grief and loss and infertility issues in both men and women. I am often approached by individuals and couples who have been referred by local authorities for counselling prior to the assessment process or as a result of issues which have emerged in the assessment process. I work with heterosexual and same sex prospective adopters.

Professionals will find Adoption Counselling London a safe place to discuss cases and find support through supervision. Professionals may also want to use me as a trainer in, for example, preparation training – working with grief and loss is my area of speciality; or in training adoption panels or teams. My practice is at the cutting edge of new developments in adoption so I have worked in the areas of separating siblings; contact; post-placement blues and Intercountry and ethnic minority adoption.

At Adoption Counselling London, I provide a safe, comfortable, professional environment - I look forward to working with you.

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